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What is MBBS?

An MBBS degree is the undergraduate course for aspirants who want to fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor. MBBS full form and meaning – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, is a professional degree in medical science. A person holding the MBBS degree becomes a certified medical practitioner.

The duration of MBBS course is five years and six months including one year of rotational internship at hospitals, health centers, and health camps organized by Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs). MBBS course syllabus includes studies on anatomy, pharmacology, pathology as well as community health & medicine, paediatrics, and surgery. The syllabus, prescribed in such a way that MBBS degree holders can choose a specialization for further majoring and practicing medicine. The career specialisations for MBBS students are Nephrology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Anesthesiology, Organ Transplant, Endocrine, and General Surgery etc

What are the career options after MBBS?

During one year of internship that MBBS degree includes, students work with hospitals and healthcare centers as consultants, physicians, medical assistants in critical care units, and much more. They work in health campaigns by the government and help the public with awareness about diseases, medicines, health and fitness through conferences.

On completion of MBBS Internship, the students can get themselves registered as doctors by Medical Council of India (MCI). They can either apply for post-graduate degree in medical science i.e. MD/MS or continue working in the health sector as qualified doctors.

While pursuing further education in medical science, an MBBS degree holder can also associate with pharmaceuticals as research associates. Moreover, the option for taking Combined Medical Services Examination is always open for an MBBS graduate. They can be employed with the central government organizations including hospitals, defense sector, railways, and with the local/state government.

What are the required skills for MBBS?

To get admission to the MBBS course in Russia, students need to follow the simple steps:

1: Ability to work in critical and dynamic environment.

2: Desire for knowledge and learning new research.

3: Sharp memory and prompt approach .

4: Counselling and caring skills.

5: Medical writing skills.

6: professional commitments and medical ethics.

7: Scientific research and development skills.

8: Communication interpersonal skills.

9: Approachable and empathetic skills.

10: Patience and perseverance.

Eligibility for MBBS Degree

  • Candidates must have passed Class 10+2/higher Secondary/Pre-University qualifying examination with Science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Zoology/Botany. They also must have studied English as a main subject for their qualifying examination.

  • Moreover, candidates also need to fulfil the age limit criteria i.e. they must have completed 17 years of age at the time of admissions.

  • There are additional eligibility conditions as mentioned by the regulatory authorities for MBBS i.e. Medical Council of India (MCI).

MBBS Scope, Top Companies /Employers & Salary

General Physician: MBBS degree holders can start their career as a general physician, who studies, diagnosis, cures illnesses of patients. Commonly, a physician treats illnesses at primary stages, and if after diagnosis the disease is critical then the patient referred to relevant medical practitioner.

Salary of a General Physician: The average salary offered to general physicians is Rs. 4 Lakh to 5 Lakh.

Pediatrician: A medical practitioner who specialises in the treatment of illness in children and examine their general growth and development. A pediatrician heals children right from their time of birth to their adolescence and even later. They help in early diagnosis of illnesses in developing children, guide parents on food and allergies to children. The practitioner provides preventive care, helps in growth and development of children with special needs and monitoring side effects and allergies of medicines.

Salary of a Pediatrician – The starting salary offered to a pediatrician is more than Rs. 4.5 Lakh.

Medical Assistant (Surgery): Starting a career in medical assistant in specialization such as cardiology, Dermatology, Oncology, Nephrology, Neurology, Gynecology, Ophthalmology is a good option to learn about performing surgeries on patients. Further to study, diagnose and treat patients with modern surgical techniques as per their medical speciality. Over the years, with modern science and technology, there have been medical achievements by renowned surgeons, which means this profession is entirely based on continuous learning and practising.

Salary of a Medical Assistant – The average salary offered to a medical assistant is Rs. 3 Lakh to 4 Lakh

Career in BDS: Admission, Eligibility, Jobs & Career Scope

BDS is one of the most popular and designated degree of dentists (doctors). The BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) is the only educational and professional programme of dental surgery in India. It is equivalent to the MBBS and owes the “Dr” domain. In the medical educational field, it is the second choice of the students after the MBBS course.

In this course, the students are taught about the denture, dental problems and surgery. It is also a good job oriented degree programmes and various opportunities  are available in the hospital, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries.

The BDS degree is awarded on the successful completion of the four-year academic education and the one year mandatory internship programme in dentistry education leading to the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree programme. After completing your BDS, you are qualified to practice as a dentist.

The BDS is the degree given to a person who plays the vital role in the treatment of problems related to teeth . The dentist prevents,  diagnoses and cures to all dental and related diseases.

It is very challenging to pursue the BDS course and you should have the enthusiasm, hard-working attitude in the study and have a focused mind for doing the BDS course.

The Dental Council of India is the only accredited body for the dental programmes. This course is now in heavy demand by the students after 12th in medical field.